Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DIY~ Christmas Shirt!

I'm super excited about a Christmas shirt I made Karly. It is super easy and super CUTE!! I can't sew at all, so making her Christmas outfits is just out of the question for me. Anytime I get to make her something to wear it just means alot to me.

This is a onesie and the Christmas tree is made out of ribbon loops! When the shirt is on the tree fills out more and so you can't see where I messed up on the spacing. Let me know if you want details on how to make it!

I've got lots of ribbon to make her some more in different themes and colors! My favorite is hounds tooth and red!! I can't wait to see her in it!

This last picture is just because she is CUTE!


  1. Would love to know your instructions on how to made this shirt!! So cute!!

  2. Hi there, Same as the comment above. I would LOVE to know how to do this. As I am a hopeless sewer as well